Vertical strapping machine with strapping head laterally placed (special for shingle)

The automatic vertical strapping machine TL5ST (with strapping head laterally placed in relation to the product’s leading front direction) has been developed for the shingle sector.


The automatic vertical strapping machine TL5ST, with strapping head laterally placed in relation to the product’s leading front direction, makes completely automatic the package of  products of all dimensions and for any industrial application, with the possibility to apply one or more vertical straps. The machine is made with a strong carpentry that is the core of the strapping structure. It is developed using modern technologies and assembled with electro-welded sheet steels properly dimensioned, considering formats and types of the products to be strapped. The construction, all-steel, is painted and/or protected with appropriate surface treatments in order to guarantee a correct protection, in all environmental conditions. As in all our strapping machines, also this model could be personalized with many devices that make the machine suitable for several customer’s production needs. The construction rationality, allows an easy and simple maintenance. Since this model has been developed for tiles sector, the machine has been equipped with a system for the manual vertical regulation, in order to adapt the strapping head to the proper working height.

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Technical data
Type of strapping band: Polypropylene (PP) and polyester (PET)
Suitable strapping band: Width from 8 to 19 mm Thickness from 0,50 to 1,00 mm
Strapping band tensioning: Up to 300 kg
Strapping band junction: By welding or vibration
Strapping cycle time: From 1,2 to 3 sec (according to tensioning)
Power supply voltage: 400 V 50Hz
Installed power: 0,85 kW
Arch: Standard size 1200 x 1400 mm; tailored made arches on request

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