Strapping machine with vertical compression

The vertical strapping machine, PR99 has an integrated press that keeps the package stable and reduces material volume making it particularly suitable for cardboard sector.


The automatic vertical strapping machine PR99 vertically compacts palletized package. It can be equipped with two strapping heads and three arches to carry out two strapping operations automatically at a preset distance. One of the two heads is mobile which means strapping distance can be set and varied keeping the product under pressure.

The lower retractable guide allows the load to be secured to the pallet. The machine can be completed by the automatic pack rotation device for crossed strapping operations. The machine - managed by PLC - has a pressing deck moving on a rack. A touch-screen on the control panel enables the operator to manage operative functions; to monitor operations and set strapping bands - polypropylene (PP) or polyester (PET).

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Technical data
Type of strapping band: Polypropylene (PP) and polyester (PET)
Suitable strapping band: Width from 8 to 19 mm, Thickness from 0,80 to 1 mm
Strapping band junction: By welding or vibration
Strapping time cycle From 15 to 22 seconds for two simultaneous strapping operations according to pack size and compression
Compression: 3000 kg standard, up to 5000 kg on demand

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