Heat shrinking chamber oven

 The heat shrinking chamber oven guarantees high insulation levels and energy savings obtained reducing the heat losses. 


The heat shrinking oven, FMC, designed to produce 60-70 packs/hour, is available in two versions the gas or the electric one. It guarantees high insulation levels and energy savings obtained reducing the heat losses. This performance level is obtained through a door system with a “shutter” positioned according to the pack sizes thanks to independent motors controlling inlet and outlet access. The airtight chamber avoids the circulation of any fumes produced by the system. The internal hot air recirculation device is designed to assure that the film has the same shrink-wrapping temperature on all sides of the product – guaranteeing homogeneity to have a consistent a functional pack appearence. 

The oven is composed by two parts:

1. The heat shrinking chamber automatically manages the packages.

2. The Gas edition with lateral combustion chamber and the Electric one with the heating chamber guarantee a high and  constant internal hot air circulating regulation. The specific oven thickness and doors insulation is designed, studied and tested to keep energy consumption low.

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Technical Data Gas edition
Combustion fumes do not come into contact with those in the environment thanks to a technologically advanced heat exchanger and lagging guaranteeing high operation levels.
Operation: Methane gas / GPL
Electric power: 5,5 KW
Installed heating capacity: 390 kW
Eletric edition
Operation: 5,5 KW
Electric power: 240 kW

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